FIFA 17 – Tactical Defending and defend tips

For several years, the defense game in FIFA dominated by Tactical Defending. Especially online, this way of defending very popular because it is less predictable than the traditional method. If you want to compete on a global level, it is therefore logical that Tactical Defending FIFA 17 gets the hang of it.

By pressing the X or A button, your positions selected defender between the attacker and the target and continues to follow him as long as you hold the button. From here you have a few options: a standard challenge (square or X) or a sliding challenge (circle or B). In particular, the standard challenge is convenient because you provided some exercise can perform just two consecutively. If your timing is good, this is a very powerful defensive weapon.

In any case, you should never rush things. Be careful and keep the whole situation in mind. A throwing challenge can actually ensure that you open is defense and your opponent suddenly gets a lot of space. Space and time that can convert easily into a goal.

Timing is crucial. Tackle too early and your opponent can escape you. Start your action too late and you do not get the ball, but the player with a yellow or red card as a result. Practice enough and after a while you get a good sense, though luck always continue to play a small role.

By holding the X or A button, you follow the sprint of the attacker. Pressing the circle or B, you pull on his shirt. This slow your opponent considerably, but pulling the sweater is often punished. Adjust it so definitely it in the box.


not focus all your attention on the player with the ball. Note also opponents who move through your lines and try not to drop open spaces. Always look good where the attacker could possibly fit and keep this direction closed as much as possible.

If your defender is faster than the attacker’s Tactical Defending lot easier. Make good use of the two triggers in order to speed up at the appropriate times or at all to extract the tempo.Dominate the pace of the attack and save the correct time.

Whatever you do, do not be tempted to collapse like a wild man on the ball. This makes it very easy for the attacker to evade you. Concentrate and wait patiently until your opponent makes the mistake. Timing and composure, which are the key elements of Tactical Defending.


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