Clash Royale Tricks


Here you will see some tricks Clash Royale  are just some recommendations on this game that “it is petando” is the most popular and more income from Google Play game. If you are one of those who already fell and need any advice to move better, you’ve come to the right page.

In essence Clash Royale Hack is a simple game, but with certain characteristics that complicate, giving it a very interesting strategic componenete. We have a card game where you can throw 1, 2 or 3 and which are units that attack your enemy located on the top. The goal is to knock down its towers.


Here I present a series of tricks, I hope that you take advantage of to improve your strategy 😉

Trick 1 Join a clan

Being in a good clan is very good for you as a player. If those in a clan where people are active and done, the faster you will prosper. In addition you will learn from them and be more entertaining your overall experience.


Another advantage is that you will get more experience and coins

Trick 2 Meet deck rival

Know the enemy weapons and defenses is critical to choose the best strategy. In this case the cards, we can see for example that the opponent has air troops, we must adapt our deck to attack them. Unfortunately if we do not we can not, we will not be effective in Clash Royale.


Trick 3 Have a deck of cards balanced

In order to make all this we must have a balanced deck that allows us to tackle any situation seen rival deck.


Here we see that sometimes does not compensate both have troops attack but that we can use better, more versatile bone.

Trick 4 Know your opponent

Knowing rival, study a little is fundamental. No matter the cards but only as use. There are different ways to play and forsee what will suit you better do your will.


Trick 5 Open the hood as soon as possible

Clearly attentive chests open new player has an advantage. The game tells you through notifications, get even!


Sometimes compensates more enter only open the chests everything else.

It is certainly a game worth trying. Here I leave the link to download it now for android and iOS , and if you have doubts about anything we comets😉

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