The art of flower arrangement

Flower arrangement is an art that is making people earn millions with their creativity. Flower arrangement is not only an art or hobby, it’s a professional career that is much expensive. Use of flowers is huge. They are used all over the world in all types of events. Either they are corporate events like training and seminars, weddings, parties, funeral or Christmas décor, everything is in complete without flowers.

Tough flowers are beautiful in every form and shape, flower arrangement make them look even better. There are different types of flower arrangement. A good florist can tell you that every arrangement is supposed to be used for different specific events as they have a meaning and they leave an unsaid message to its viewer. This sound spiritual but flower decoration is worth knowing something. I personally saw the best flower arrangements in New Zealand at some local Auckland florist shop. Here are some of the different and typical types of flower arrangements used for different purposes.

  • Horizontal Arrangements

Horizontal arrangements are often seen along ceilings, staircase or anything that is bordered with flowers. These lines of flowers are sometimes embedded with leaves and stems to add more beauty. Apart from this, it can be done in the form of bouquet and basket as well. Usually a shallow flat basket is used and leaves are embedded at the bottom spreading out of it. Flowers are arranged in the center. Due to the scattered feel, it gives out a horizontal look. These baskets are very common and usually admired by many people as they look bigger and all the flowers are visible enough.

  • Vertical Arrangements

This is another common type of flower arrangement. It is most seen in the form of vases, long stemmed flowers arranged in a jar or some other container. The best part about vertical arrangement is that you do not need a florist or an expert to arrange the flowers in vertical arrangement. You can do it on your own too. These types of arrangements can be causal as well as formal. Indoor flower vase often showcase such type of flower arrangement.

  • Triangular Arrangements

These arrangements are very common and you will find a lot of flower baskets displayed at many Auckland florist shop. These are often seen in the bunches at wedding décor as well as stage background. This arrangement involves flowers arranged with leaves and other kind of flowers and buds so that they make a triangle. Some of the stems are longer than other making a pyramid type structure. This is done specially with roses to make them prominent in a bouquet.

Flowers always look beautiful no matter what color, shape or arrangement they are been set into. They always add beauty of anything they are added to. Apart from these arrangements, there are many other as well that are generally used for flower decoration. If this is something that attracts you, you should consult a goof Auckland Florist to know more.

Travel Water Purification

Always assume when you travel abroad that the water you take is not safe to drink unless you know how to distinguish if the water is potable and clean. Even European holiday resorts and hotels advise not to drink water from any water source especially raw water.

The Safe Water for International Travelers or (SWIT) is a self-determining organization that gives the most excellent information available with regards to water safety worldwide. This organization provides information gathered from essential and trustworthy resources. This organization has a website where you will find out which categorizes the condition and status of the drinking water in any specific country.
By just drinking contaminated water, possible diseases will attack your body system, diseases like cholera, hepatitis A, typhoid fever, dysentery and diarrhea. These days, most companies promote sealed bottled water for safe drinking water but ensure that the bottled water you purchase has an intact sealed when you receive a bottle. Don’t accept bottled water which is not intact and sealed, it could have the possibility that the bottle is already used or refilled from other water sources.
World travelers say, “Don’t drink the water”, for some good reason. But you can be practical; just don’t directly drink tap water in developing countries if there’s no assurance that the water is safe and also don’t eat street food to avoid having additional disease aside from the disease from contaminant water. Consider brining with you your backpack with elasticized pockets where you can place you own purified bottled water.
There are gadgets introduced in the market nowadays that can prevent diseases. These gadgets have their own purifying process; these are the Survival Water Filters and water bottle and life straw. Purifier bottle helps eliminates bacteria and germs in raw water, river or lakes. It helps kill 99% of waterborne disease and filters odor-causing, tasteless tasting sediments. And the life straw is quite a thought of a drinking straw that can keep microorganism from going through your water. These products are quite expensive yet effective purifier for traveling purposes.
Water purification entails disinfection and removal of suspended particles. There are three options available: Iodine, Filtration and Iodination.
The most efficient and simplest method of water purification is boiling. Boil water for approximately five minutes and when it cooled, keep water in a potable sealable container to keep away from re – contamination. Chemical purification using Iodine is the other option but it is not advisable to take too much. Iodine should only be utilized for short period of time but people who have thyroid and pregnant women are not recommended to drink water with chemicals. Consult first your doctor before using it. Iodination is preferable to chlorination; thus, iodine is efficient against waterborne diseases and is effective as a disinfectant. Amoebic cyst and Giardia can be killed by chlorine. Chlorine can also be used for cooking and washing. After adding iodine in the water, let it stand for at least 30 minutes before using it. The third method is filtration. Filtration is important when the water has a high degree of suspended substances and turbid.


The treatment of wastewater is dependent upon the standards along with the particular requirements associated with the parameters of effluent, or output stream, quality. The treatment process targets the improvement in the quality of wastewater. Wastewater may contain impurities or pollutants which include suspended solids, biodegradable organics, pathogenic bacteria, non-pathogenic bacteria, soluble organic materials, solids, gases, emulsions, toxins, pharmaceuticals and nutrients. Suspended solids are elements that may choke channels and are capable of settling under the action of gravity. Biodegradable organics are materials that can be used as food for microorganisms which use oxygen along with these impurities to gain the energy that is necessary for them to flourish and reproduce. Nutrients include nitrates and phosphates.ShowImage

The main purpose of treating wastewater is in general to let effluents from human and industrial sources to be discarded with no danger to human wellbeing or undesirable harm to the ambient environment. Usual treatment processes include a mishmash of chemical, physical, and biological methods to eliminate pollutants from wastewater. There are several processes employed for the treatment of wastewater depending on the extent of treatment done. These processes include preliminary, primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment. Pre-treatment is used for the removal of objects that are easily removable. The kinds of impurities that are removed through pre treatment take in oils, fats, sand, rocks, gravel, etc. Primary treatment takes care of the materials which have the capability to float on water. The sludge is allowed to settle in large settling tanks and then the floating impurities are removed. Secondary treatment involves a biological process which accelerates the process and the wastewater passes through a sequence of sieves that decontaminate all of the remaining smaller objects for instance bacteria and algae. A number of different types of filters are employed in the process. The final steps in some cases take in processes like nutrient removal and disinfection.13781683994_a0717946f8_b

Waste water treatment is one of the most cost-effective alternatives to conserve our most valuable resource. It is a known fact that the amount of water that is present on earth is diminishing gradually and the chances of preserving water are much increased if treatment processes are employed and least amounts of water are wasted. There are several types of wastewater treatment plants which include Package plant, Activated Sludge plant, and Extended Aeration Activated Sludge plant, Biological Filter, Oxidation Ditch, Aerated Lagoon and Waste Stabilization Pond System.

What Swiss Army Knife is the Best

What’s up, guys? Lew here back with another video

And today, I have something that means a lot to me because when I was a kid I was really into these things Well maybe not this one exactly but Swiss Army Knives in general. The idea of a multifunctional, multifaceted object A gadget if you will. In fact, one of my very first gadgets I ever had was a pocket knife This thing in front of me is the top enchilada.

The big cheese in the world of Swiss Army Knives The childhood version of me would appreciate this moment. Let’s crack her open! Oooooh! Ha Ha practical. I don’t know about that What do we have here? Okay, a battery of course? Oh my goodness, an altimeter, barometer, watch. All on this little screen right here.

You know, it’s still pocketable, though. It is possible t I was a little over the top regarding practicality. I mean if you could only have one tool you know how they always say if you go to a desert island and you can only take one record with you for the rest of your life what would it be. What if the same question existed for one pocket tool. Alright, battery. Ahhh that is cool! The Swiss Army logo is a button. This is watch style battery right

There we go! Oooh! (beep) barometer, timer, alarm, stopwatch, temperature. It’s got a thermometer on it and then the time which I haven’t set yet Wow! What are we working with, alright, flathead blade bottle opener larger flathead and can opener. Right right right can opener versus cap lifter magnifying glass, never know when you might need that you might be looking for Jack Philips, solid Philips by the way pliers a screwdriver with like a Torx bit and you can flip it and change it out oh wow, and there’s extra bits in here another little Torx, a flathead, a couple of options What is this It’s a flashlight! Can you make that out?

Ha! Oh! A little saw blade Style That’s an even crazier saw Look at those teeth. Cut some twigs with that I need to know what that is. A reamer or a punch is what that’s called That’s, look at that! The classic The classic knife blade is still on there somewhere trying not to stab myself here I don’t think you’re intended to like to open them all at once scissors do we have scissors here. What a fantastic contraption here.

I’m also noticing a ruler in here I almost missed that, inches and centimetres on the other side a file, with some little tiny teeth on it as well What’s this? Ohh I’ve got to lot that one up. Uhh, Pharmaceutical spatula. Got to be your favourite Jack right there Wow am I ever running out of space here A pruning blade, so there you have it Various can opener, bottle openers, pruners, blades, serrated blades, flashlights, screwdrivers, corkscrew Holy! You got it all little; you’ve even got tweezers toothpick and a pen. I also missed that, like a pretty good pretty good sized pen there Obviously not the most practical version of each of these tools but when combined but seriously, though, use one tool at a time. The right tool for the job

Wrinkle free London treatments

Wrinkle free is a brand from London, who provides injection treatments to your face problems like wrinkles appearing on your face and stops the natural lines that cause you more trouble regarding to your face issues. London treatments are the best among all the other big brands.Wrinkle free London are the most fine brands in the world they have made a good reputation and have come out as a leading brand among all the Others, they are serving it’s product for quite a long time and most of the people who uses their product and get treatments are very well satisfied. they have made their reputation based on good quality products and effective services. their ways of treatments and cure are very unique and different. but how Wrinkle free London have made it’s name in the world.


Wrinkle free London is a medical clinic which is situated in London. they help those people who are Suffering from wrinkles and face problems who are getting old and aging day by day. Wrinkle free London provides face injections that can sure their face diseases. getting aged is a very unfortunare thing we all have to deal with it. but when you are aging you probably notice that your skin might loses it’s elasticity and wrinkles appears into your face. some people don’t know what it is and how to deal with it they get frustrated from the life. in old days nobody know how do deal with it. but thanks to todays science and Equipment we can solve this problem. Wrinkle free London treatments are well known. that, how they treat their patient. their methods of cure can turn back the disease just in no time.


Wrinkle free London have introduced Botox injections that are safe and very effective. they are non-intrusive that will change your life forever. it is available for anyone and it is very affordable and very low budget price. with Wrinkle free London anything can possible.


Wrinkle free injections helps to relax the muscles that are causing lines to reduce the wrinkles and Frown lines.The main active ingredient that makes the treatment work that reduces wrinkles is called Botulinum Toxin, and it is available on the other Botox brands also.

the wrinkle injections, there are a certain areas of the face where wrinkles can appear and the injections can be used only on those areas such as, forehead, frow lines, Crow’s feet, eye Brow, eye area, the nose area, and jawline and chin.


with a few injections you can live your life again, this whole procedure takes only 20 to 30 minutes. and the effects can go instantly , no need to worry there will be no side effect of the injection they are safe and reliable. Wrinkle free injections are non-intrusive. the effects after the treatment don’t last forever. which is a good thing. so don’t hesitate to give it a try the people who are suffering from it will see the results they are looking for. Wrinkles free London’s doctors will take good care of your skin so, all those people who are afraid of treatments you don’t have to take any risk with Wrinkle free London treatments you trust us and you can see the results.

FIFA 17 – Tactical Defending and defend tips

For several years, the defense game in FIFA dominated by Tactical Defending. Especially online, this way of defending very popular because it is less predictable than the traditional method. If you want to compete on a global level, it is therefore logical that Tactical Defending FIFA 17 gets the hang of it.

By pressing the X or A button, your positions selected defender between the attacker and the target and continues to follow him as long as you hold the button. From here you have a few options: a standard challenge (square or X) or a sliding challenge (circle or B). In particular, the standard challenge is convenient because you provided some exercise can perform just two consecutively. If your timing is good, this is a very powerful defensive weapon.

In any case, you should never rush things. Be careful and keep the whole situation in mind. A throwing challenge can actually ensure that you open is defense and your opponent suddenly gets a lot of space. Space and time that can convert easily into a goal.

Timing is crucial. Tackle too early and your opponent can escape you. Start your action too late and you do not get the ball, but the player with a yellow or red card as a result. Practice enough and after a while you get a good sense, though luck always continue to play a small role.

By holding the X or A button, you follow the sprint of the attacker. Pressing the circle or B, you pull on his shirt. This slow your opponent considerably, but pulling the sweater is often punished. Adjust it so definitely it in the box.


not focus all your attention on the player with the ball. Note also opponents who move through your lines and try not to drop open spaces. Always look good where the attacker could possibly fit and keep this direction closed as much as possible.

If your defender is faster than the attacker’s Tactical Defending lot easier. Make good use of the two triggers in order to speed up at the appropriate times or at all to extract the tempo.Dominate the pace of the attack and save the correct time.

Whatever you do, do not be tempted to collapse like a wild man on the ball. This makes it very easy for the attacker to evade you. Concentrate and wait patiently until your opponent makes the mistake. Timing and composure, which are the key elements of Tactical Defending.


How to Make a Pretty Planter for Your Front Door

If you haven’t paid enough attention to the first spot guests see when they arrive at your home, we recommend doing so starting now — like, today. Because here’s the thing: You can have a front porch that’s just like anyone else’s, or you can have one that’s so irresistibly charming, you’ll have friends coming back based solely on the delight of entering your home. Well, perhaps for a few other reasons, too, but we promise this’ll at least be one of them. Make coming to your house that much more lovely with a pretty front door planter box via this DIY created by the the team at nousDECOR.

final planter chatting

— two 12 x 7 ¼ inch pieces of wood
— one 1 x 11 ¼ inch piece of wood
— one 1 x 9 ¾ inch piece of wood
— two 1 x 3 ½ inch pieces of wood
— five 1-inch corner braces
— 10 screws
— house numbers
— wood glue
— succulents

— drill

tools for planter

1. Begin by drilling three holes across the 11 ¼ inch piece of wood. This is so that the water can drain when you water your succulents.
2. Then, glue one of the 1 x 3 ½ inch pieces of wood to the side of the 11 ¼ inch piece of wood with the three holes in it. Place a corner brace into the right corner formed by the wood. Drill screws into both holes. Repeat on other side with other 1 x 3 ½ inch piece of wood.
3. Take your completed piece and glue it onto the 12 x 7 ¼ inch piece of wood.
4. Take the other three corner braces and drill screws so that your completed piece attaches to the 12 x 7 ¼ inch piece of wood.
5. Then glue your 1 x 9 ¾ inch piece of wood to the top of the open piece, forming the front of your planter box.
6. Take your other 12 x 7 ¼ inch piece of wood. Use a pencil to mark where you want to place your numbers, then glue them down.
7. Glue the 12 x 7 ¼ inch piece with the numbers to the 12 x 7 ¼ inch with the planter box.
8. Plant your succulents and mount beside your front door.

drilling holes in board

When drilling holes through your first piece of wood, use the side of a table to keep it steady.

holes in board

You’ll finish with three holes across the top.

driling first time collage 1

Use your hand to stabilize the pieces of wood you just glued together while drilling.

gluing part of box onto large wood collage

After you place your piece, adjust the wood so that the edges match the bottom precisely.

drilling holes box

Depending on the type of wood you buy, you may need to drill small holes into the wood before going straight in with the screws. You’ll know this if you’re not making any progress with the screws right off the bat.

gluing front of planter collage

When you finish this portion, place something extremely heavy (like a large stack of books) on top of the planter to hold the wood glue in place as it dries.

gluing numbers to box

We recommend putting your numbers in the top right corner of your piece, but you can switch it up if you like!

final top glue portion collage

When you glue these pieces together, place two extremely heavy objects on either side to reinforce the glue as it dries. Leave overnight.

final no plants

Ta-da! Now to get planting!

planting collage

You may need a bit more soil to pack at the bottom of your planter.

planting from the back

Add in a few cacti with your succulents for a pretty pop color.

next planter

Will you be embarking on this DIY? Share your creations with us below or tag them on Instagram with Garage hardware door kits


ou want to innovate your Christmas menu or New Year’s Eve? Christmas 2015 so we want to tell you about some of our RECIPES FOR CHRISTMAS who succeed at Christmas and year-end approaches.


As every year, we began to think about the recipes we want to share with you this time too early but if I’m honest, is also the time when I start to dream of what I prepared this year and menus I would like serve the people i love most.

So these are creating for you and for us.

The recipes we have chosen for this collection of Christmas and New Year are simple recipes , some a bit more elaborate but can follow the step by step so that you find easy to do.

In addition, you also have to keep in mind that many times better something simple and irremediably good, something too elaborate and stay on the road. Are nights to enjoy flavors and good food, and a good wine that Maride all.

** Do not miss the best recipe for Sabor Gourmet:

As always, a recommendation that is going to maintain the care of the presentation of each dish.Remember that food is not only enter through the mouth, also through the eyes and is more palatable with the aroma it generates .

To find out what each one of the recipes, you can click on the name of the recipe or image you like.


There are many entrees from which you can choose for this menu. You can put all these incoming distributed by the table for everyone to pick one that you like best or select only a few and go pulling out of the kitchen to not saturate with the view.


Benedict eggs

Pure delight. You can you prepare Hollandaise sauce in advance and then just go emplantando .. It’s so good! You can see step by step ” recipe eggs benedict ”


Very simple and colorful. A combination of salty and sweet feel very good to start up an appetite and taste is absolutely sensational 100% Recommended!

You can see the full recipe by clicking here: ” Prosciutto with quince “


Gulas with garlic prawns

A starter with will not have the chance to go wrong. We recommend using a source of mud and pepper, if you like spicy.

You can see the step – by – step recipe by clicking here ” Gulas with garlic prawns “


A warm, colorful and enjoyed the large and small entree. Personally, I think a sensational recipe and although it requires a little work, the result is 10.

You can see step by step in this recipe ” chicken kabobs “


salmon canape and gulas

diverse and affordable canapes. The best option against the caviar: canapes with smoked salmon, eel, fruits, anchovies, cheese … Rico, easy quick to prepare.

You can see all options canapes if you do click here ” Recipes canapés “


own creation presented to contest, and almost won. A deli for dinner with reduced numéro guests.Iberian ham is spectacular.

If you want to prepare, here is the recipe step by step. You only have to click here ” A ham Barja “


In addition, you can also put the sauces that we indicate below the entrees along with some pita bread, a sensational place to enjoy a wide range of flavors on your palate or to accompany your best dishes of fish and meat mixture. and if you want to get some light projectors for christmas visit here

Airbrush Compressor Tips & Information

It may be clear that without air Airbrushing source / compressor is not possible. It takes a certain pressure to spray and airbrush any she has its own characteristics and requirements. It is therefore important to choose the right compressor is why I decided to have a nice piece of writing about so you know what you are buying. Your choice for a compressor can only be made if you know which airbrush you want to go and kind of work you want to do.


First, I will mention a few characteristics that affect when choosing an air compressor.

  • Bar / PSI
  • Luchtcapiciteit
  • Sound
  • spell
  • lifetime



The lcuhtdruk is one of the important points. On most compressors will the pressure indicated by a “Gauge” this is the amount of pressure read. It is often mounted a controller so you can set the pressure.

The pressure word indicated in PSI , and it stands for “pounds per square inch”, and the word indicated by BAR . On the image you can see that the red indicates the amount of PSI and in black the number BAR to read.To spray or airbrush you need a constant flow of air with a certain pressure. Each type of paint spray paint, and she has own amount of pressure CFM (cubice feet per minute) required to function properly. So look at the properties of a compressor What is the net air output and the maximum pressure.

A thinner-based paint / paint requires less pressure than water-based paint.

    Thin paint (low visositeit) 10-20 PSI (Golden Airbrush Colors, Schmincke, House of Kolor)

    Thick paint (high visositeit) 40-60 PSI (Createx, Auto-Air, dyes)

About varnish and paint later!

There are many experienced and less experienced artists who have no money for proper compressor and build one yourself from an old refrigerator for example. This is not a bad option!But make sure that you have a sound pressure regulator that can deliver a constant pressure.



A compressor with a 75 decibel can make life miserable! Unless this is far away. Choose a compressor with an acceptable decibel. The rule is the fewer decibels more expensive compressor. A noisy compressor of the construction is cheap and fine to use for most airbrushes but makes a lot of noise. It is very silly if you eg mixxen of paint scares you rot because the compressor starts. Whether you’re just busy with the final details and hits your hand away because you are frightened. An important point is that the compressor is silent and I mean a decibel of ± 40 and the types that are not “Pssssss” or click sounds are slightly more expensive. You can also opt for a cheap compressor and money to invest in a soundproof box where you insert the compressor. If you choose this option, please remember that you ensures proper airflow to cool the compressor.



Each type compressor generates water vapor and water! Water can damage your paint and tools.It is therefore recommended to use a filter or to have a water separator. These separators filter the water from the air so you can airbrush or spray carefree. With some compressors a water separator is already assembled and some you will have to buy it separately. you can buy cheap good water separator. Also, there are separators for sale which have a pressure gauge and regulator. The standard moisture separator an inexpensive compressor often does not meet the airbrush / spray requirements!









If you always ask a compressor used buy here if the tank is oiled. If this is the case then you need an oil filter. If you do not then it eventually oil will come through your hose and airbrush and land on your artwork. They finish to the tank to prevent corrosion and to lubricate the tool. An oil filter looks almost the same as in a water separator. Also, there can be obtained, such as double combinations of a moisture and oil filter next to each other.





Example moisture and oil separator.



The endurance of compressors is different. It is therefore advisable for there to look at when purchasing. Some namely have a period of rest / cooling-off period required for half an hour to work after 30 minutes (50%). There are compressors that can run continuously. Most do not even know how long the compressor must rotate and look totally not making the compressor faster piece will go and in some cases can even burn !. It is usually to be found in the properties or user what may be the constant operating pressure. If this is not the case the manufacturer send an email or call it as a compressor you usually buy for a long time.



Some types that you will encounter on the market :

  • Piston compressors
  • Screw compressors
  • portable compressors
  • Airbrush compressors


piston Compressor

The piston compressors are the workhorses that you’re probably most familiar with. You see them everywhere namely: stores, garages, basements. Often they are quite cheap but also go the most part and repair costs are very expensive! If you want to use a lot of air, it is advisable to look at a different type so that you can enjoy for a long time by air. These types are cooled with oil and are not really suitable to transport. The compressor should not you not tilt too much because of the oil in the reservoir.







Example reciprocating compressor


screw Compressor

Screw compressors are often used for industrial purposes and therefore need 380Volt. They are quite expensive but often do not need a rest. A screw compressor has two screw profiles, and these are cooled with water or oil. Some types have an air reservoir. The decibel can vary.








portable compressor

Are often oil-free and therefore need a rest because oil normally ensures the cooling.







There are also portable which have oil-cooled like this type:

score hero hack








airbrush compressor

Again, you have a lot verschillnde variants. For example, the diaphragm compressor, it is suitable for small work (nail art, model making, face-art, airbrush tattoos) Nozzle great t / m 0.3 mm. The disadvantage of a Diaphragm is that they are prone to condensation in the air hose, this is a natural phenomenon and depends on season and working environment. If you suffer from it use an in-line filter or a water filter under your airbrush. For custom paint, murals, body paint etc is the membrane compressor not the right choice because it often requires a rest period because this type is not cooled with oil. Also, they do not have any storage tank.







Example diaphragm compressor

For larger airbrush work is a whistler silent compressor is a must. They have a tank capacity of at least 1 liter, automatic stop and often have a noise level of ± 40 decibels. Often they have a good moisture separator so you always have clean air. Note that, especially at the cost of the engine is sealed making repairs become impossible! This varies by brand and type and let you inform about it well. Most vendors are beginning fact not!





Example silent airbrush compressor


What is important in a row

  • pressure regulator
  • moisture separator
  • Sufficient air net revenue
  • repair options
  • Oil Filter (if you oil tank)
  • Consider the vision / number of decibels


My advice is to have a battle to buy larger compressor than you actually need think because when you first start airbushen or syringes than you want to fix a few things to try, and if you buy an airbrush in the future that requires more air than the compressor may perhaps not. Or maybe you want a once another try paint better with a syringe hogo pressure of eg 50 to 60 PSI.

Make informed when purchasing an airbrush compressor, it can save you a lot of trouble and money because cheap is a good compressor. Best Air Compressor Guide

Clash Royale Tricks


Here you will see some tricks Clash Royale  are just some recommendations on this game that “it is petando” is the most popular and more income from Google Play game. If you are one of those who already fell and need any advice to move better, you’ve come to the right page.

In essence Clash Royale Hack is a simple game, but with certain characteristics that complicate, giving it a very interesting strategic componenete. We have a card game where you can throw 1, 2 or 3 and which are units that attack your enemy located on the top. The goal is to knock down its towers.


Here I present a series of tricks, I hope that you take advantage of to improve your strategy 😉

Trick 1 Join a clan

Being in a good clan is very good for you as a player. If those in a clan where people are active and done, the faster you will prosper. In addition you will learn from them and be more entertaining your overall experience.


Another advantage is that you will get more experience and coins

Trick 2 Meet deck rival

Know the enemy weapons and defenses is critical to choose the best strategy. In this case the cards, we can see for example that the opponent has air troops, we must adapt our deck to attack them. Unfortunately if we do not we can not, we will not be effective in Clash Royale.


Trick 3 Have a deck of cards balanced

In order to make all this we must have a balanced deck that allows us to tackle any situation seen rival deck.


Here we see that sometimes does not compensate both have troops attack but that we can use better, more versatile bone.

Trick 4 Know your opponent

Knowing rival, study a little is fundamental. No matter the cards but only as use. There are different ways to play and forsee what will suit you better do your will.


Trick 5 Open the hood as soon as possible

Clearly attentive chests open new player has an advantage. The game tells you through notifications, get even!


Sometimes compensates more enter only open the chests everything else.

It is certainly a game worth trying. Here I leave the link to download it now for android and iOS , and if you have doubts about anything we comets😉